Where to Buy Pearls? Top 10 Reasons to Shop With The Pearl Girls

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Where to Buy pearls? Top ten reasons to shop with The Pearl GirlsAlot of people wonder where to buy pearls! It is true that between jewelry stores, websites, overstock companies, discount centers and more, there seem to be quite a few places to shop for pearls. We are proud of the pearls that we travel to the ends of the earth to find for our customers. We would love to work with you and if you are wondering where to buy pearls, we offer you the top ten reasons to shop with The Pearl Girls:

10. Because every woman deserves a strand of high-quality, cultured pearl jewelry–for the glamorous nights out, the romantic dinners in…or whenever you want to feel like a million bucks. Even at the grocery store.

9. Because paying for quality is a concept you understand… overpaying? not so much… With The Pearl Girls, you get the world’s finest pearls for the world’s finest price. Literally. (Take a peek at number eight.)

8. Because you love knowing that your pearls were hand-selected by our GIA certified staff–quite possibly from a Chinese pearl farm on a cool summer’s evening. Or maybe from a Western Australian farm bathed in the brilliant rays of the sun. Or maybe from another exotic pearl haven. Either way–you’ll know the source, and you’ll know they were ethically produced. And every time you wear them, you’ll feel like the world just got a teensy, tiny bit smaller. After all, you don’t have to be a worldly woman to feel like one.

7. Because giving lasting, memorable gifts to your loved ones makes you feel good, makes them feel good… all in all, it is good for everybody!

6. Because if you have any questions about pearls swirling around in your head, you can call us up and ask us–we know our stuff! From freshwater to saltwater, real versus fake, grading to care, we’re happy to help you understand the science…so you can pick your perfect strand of art.

5. Because you still appreciate good customer service.

4. Because we care. (Did we mention that?)

3. Because you want to the comfort of knowing you can take advantage of Our Lifetime Guarantee–and truthfully, we just want to make you happy!

2. Because you support products made in the U.S.A., and creating more jobs in America. The Pearl Girls employs a wonderful team of women right here in Georgia, promoting well paying, flexible work for women.

1. Because you love being one of The Pearl Girls!  And we love you too!

For more information, please get in touch!


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2 Replies to “Where to Buy Pearls? Top 10 Reasons to Shop With The Pearl Girls”

  1. Today I read in the Atlanta Journal newspaper [ so I still read the paper ] about your wonderful company and more on line. I live in Cobb County Georgia it suddenly occurred to me that I would love to replicate a necklace my mother wore on her wedding day in 1949 in Australia. It was simple with pearls strung at various intervals. I think I still have it but I do know I have pictures of it. I have a daughter who plans to be married next year I thought it would be a wonderful way to remember her Grandmother who died before she was born. The original was not cared for and I don’t believe the pearls were very good quality this is why I would like to make a new one or have a copy made by your company if you do something like that. I have taken Jewelry making classes and worked with Silk Cord and have done some knotting. I can visit Athens but could not take classes the is to distance to great for a commute to attend the classes you offer. An interesting side note my brother spent some time pearl diving in Northern Western Australia.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Lorraine Sparrow

    1. Lorraine! How wonderful! Thanks so much for reaching out! We would love for you to come see us! If you can’t make it, no problem! You can email (or mail!) us the images, or mail the necklace to us if you still have it! This would be an amazing project and we would be honored to recreate this necklace.
      You know the Robert Frost line, “One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.” I always think, “One could do worse than be a diver for pearls.” What a fun adventure!
      ** If you want to email our office manager directly, her email is Christina@ThePearlGirls.com ** Thanks!!!

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