Knotted on Natural Silk Cord

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Pearls on Natural Silk Cord copyAll high quality pearls are knotted on silk cord. We choose to knot our pearls on natural silk cord which we import from Germany. Here is what our supplier has to say about silk. We think this best encompasses the quality and why we choose this company:

“Silk has been the traditional material for stringing beads for centuries. Pure natural silk feels incredibly soft and smooth. Silk threads have good tensile strength and little stretch and can therefore be easily worked with and knotted. Necklaces made with natural silk drape naturally around the contours of the body and always project a look of elegance and beauty. Our 100% Natural Silk is made exclusively from the high-grade filament of the silk cocoon. Only this sleek thread has the characteristic lustre and the irresistible natural beauty of pure natural silk.

Once held secret from the world, silk has since made its way into the hearts and minds of the masses while maintaining its ranks within the exquisite jewelry industry. While holding its appeal and personal value to each wearer, 100% natural silk is a valued choice for those who find beauty in the details.”

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