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Years ago I had a man come to give me a quote for a new roof on our home. After looking at it ,measuring and such he turned to me and said, “Listen, no need to call anyone else for a quote. We really do the best job and are the best priced in town.” Well, alarm bells went off in my head. Who was this guy to tell me not to trust anyone else?! Needless to say, I shopped around and went with another company, appalled at his confidence.


I tell you this with a big smile and lots of humor because when it comes to The Pearl Girls pearl reknot and restringing department, all I want to say to our customers is, “Trust us!” I have a lot of confidence in our ability to do our job and to do it well.


Recently a dear customer ordered our Vintage Pearl Bracelet. When she received it, she decided she wanted to add a safety chain to the clasp. Instead of returning it to us, she popped into her local jewelry store. They tried to solder a ring on to the clasp and proceeded to break the clasp and bust the bracelet. They could not figure out how to repair the bracelet so they had to return the broken bracelet to her with one big, “Sorry!” She called us in tears! We got the bracelet back from her, repaired it, sent the bill to the jewelry store (no need for her to pay for their mistake!) and got it back to her.


Now, we knew there was no way the jewelry store could figure out how to fix the Vintage Pearl Bracelet because it took Abby, our Head of Production exactly 12 hours to figure out how to create the design for that bracelet. 12 hours! This is the sort of devotion that is impossible to pay for. Abby spent so long creating that design because of her commitment to quality and a good design. All the money in the world could not have paid for her passion.

I work with lots of jewelry stores and I believe there are so really awesome businesses out there. But, the truth is, it is difficult to keep someone on staff who can do the level of work that we do with pearls. A local jewelry store owner here in Athens even told me, “I can reknot pearls if I HAVE to.” No offense to my dear friend but he is NOT the person I want to trust with my precious gems!

We Really Do The Best Job - The Pearl Girls Pearl String Department

We are happy that we got everything worked out for our customer. Situation like this really solidify our belief in our quality and ability to do a good job. So, to humorously quote that roofer from years ago, “Listen, no need to call anyone else… “We really do the best job and are the best priced in town.”

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