This is What Your Pearls Look Like

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This is what your pearls look like right now. They have been loved so much that they have fallen to ruin. They are broken in various places, maybe the clasp is broken, pearls are loose, etc.

This is what your pearls look like - a broken pearl strand This is what your pearls look like - a poor broken pearl strand

There is also something mysteriously funky about these pearls. Maybe it is dirt, food, oils from your skin… who knows but these pearls look like they have been loved very, very much! And now they need a little TLC!

This is what your pearls look like - a yucky pearl strand

We absolutely love pearls that look like this! These pearls have been worn. They were not stuffed away in a jewelry box or a safe deposit box. Some woman wore these pearls to some amazingly significant events. Did she travel the globe in these pearls? Did she meet her soulmate in them? Did she watched her child’s baptism while dressed these hugged her neckline? How many times did she laugh? How many tears did she cry in these pearls? I am sure the stories are endless. And now, there is absolutely no way these pearls can be enjoyed. They are sitting, lost broken and alone in her jewelry box… until she sends them to us!

Why would she mail her pearls across the country to The Pearl Girls repair team? Because unlike most jewelry stores, we have a professionally trained staff skilled in knotting pearls just waiting for gems like these. We take great care in making sure everything is perfect and we do things most other repair companies do not even dream about!

A lot goes into the perfect pearl necklace, the size of the thread, the color and the quality of the silk. How well the knots are tied. If even one pearl is loose or moves, the necklace is not perfect. We make sure it is perfect. A little something called french wire that the thread goes through before it attaches to the clasp. This little piece is essential and many pearl knotters forget this essential step. But not The Pearl Girls, we do it right.

So, what happens with broken pearl necklaces after we apply our care and expertise. Let me show you what your pearls look like NOW:

This is what your pearls look like - a reknotted pearl strand

This is what your pearls look like - a restrung pearl strand

Perfection! This is exactly what your pearls should look like. And when you use The Pearl Girls jewelry and repair service, this is how they will look. Enjoy your “new”pearls! Where will they take you next?

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