The Rich Story of Pearls

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Spring has sprung in our little corner of Georgia. I am having a ball running around with my kids outside and I even got so optimistic that I have invested in a double jogging stroller. And, let me tell you… it is an investment!!

I think pearls are so fresh and look so amazingly cute with Spring frocks and shifts, breezy blouses and tanks… Plus,look at all of our Spring-time events! We wear pearls for Easter, pearls for Mother’s Day, pearls for Graduation and more. Don’t forget that pearls are the birthstone for June babies too!! The opportunities to wear and give pearls are endless this season.

So, what do you think? Where do you wear pearls? How do you enjoy wearing pearls in the Spring? Better yet, Pearl Girls, what special event is going on in your life this Spring?? Tell us about it here.. in our new section call Your Story!

Just by sharing a bit with us, you will receive 25% off your next order with The Pearl Girls! Now, that is something to talk about…

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