The Graduated Pearl Necklace – Your Pearl Story

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I am planning on featuring a pearl story every week this year (go New Year’s resolutions, right?!) So, if you have a great pearl story to share, please let us know! For stories 300 words of longer, I will feature you on our blog and you will receive a special coupon code for 25% off! Woo hoo! (Enter your story here)

graduated pearl strand - graduated pearl necklace - the pearl girls

This story started with a phone call from Esteban. He wanted a graduated pearl necklace. Back when we created our jewelry overseas (prior to 2013), we used to offer graduated pearl necklaces. I had women overseas match the pearls. I think I purchased 100 matched strands and it took me about 3 years to sell those 100 strands so, needless to say, these were not incredibly popular items. The interesting thing is, when people want graduated pearls, they want them. So, after I sold all of the strands, I kept getting request for more. But, since we now vow to do our work in the U.S., I simply had to turn people down. Well, as we have grown, we have started carrying pearls in almost every size. And our staff and our expertise has expanded. So, when Esteban called and said he wanted a graduated pearl necklace, Dana said she would try to match the pearls for a strand. Then Patti Ann jumped in and finally Shonda pitched in too. It was a loving effort to create the exact necklace Esteban wanted to buy. We were so proud of the finished necklace that we featured it on Facebook and we got rave reviews. With great pride, we mailed it off to Esteban.

graduated pearl necklace strand - graduated pearl strand - the pearl girls

As with many of our sales, we hope for the best but we do love getting feedback. Well, imagine our delight when we got this wonderful message in our inbox.

Dear Pearl Girls,

Yesterday morning, as I was getting dressed for my University graduation ceremony and stressing a little about what jewelry to wear, my wonderful fiance came to me with an espresso and a grin; he said he knew just what I needed.

He said that he was going to wait for the wedding to give me this gift, but he thought this moment was perfect and he handed me your lovely box. It was the perfect moment! The pearl necklace he put around my neck was perfect! It brought tears to my eyes and I knew he must have put so much thought and love into picking this necklace.

Thank you, Ladies, so very much for helping him along the way. Esteban has told me how wonderful you were in assisting him through the process. The graduated pearls are beautiful!! Dana’s card was in the box, so I would like to complement her on a wonderful job!

We are so very happy, Thank you!
-Jessica (soon-to-be Garcia)

And this, my dear friends, is what keeps us so excited about our little pearl jewelry business. We are so thrilled we were able to be a part of this story. Jessica, we wish you and Esteban a lifetime of happiness!

Warmest Regards,


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2 Replies to “The Graduated Pearl Necklace – Your Pearl Story”

  1. After diamond, pearl is the best friend of woman. This is something that belong to feminity and such an article has all the ingredients to be called superb.

    1. I would venture to say a pearl encompasses the truth essence of a woman… pearls are formed by grit. It takes what seems like a harsh event to cause they pearl to grown and flourish. It takes years to form and grow. Pearls are treasures to behold and beautiful no matter what size, shape or color. In fact, they are “born” whole and complete, not needing any added refinements to bring out its beauty. Diamonds can be very unattractive in their raw form. They must be polished and cut to bring out their beauty. Diamonds are typically gifted to women when men ask us to marry them. Pearls are gifted from mothers to daughters and they are inherited. They are memory keepers and hold some of our most amazing accomplishments in life. In fact, most of us have memories of our loved ones in pearls, not in their diamond. No one ever compares sizes of pearls. But, that is just my thoughts! 🙂

      Thanks for reaching out!

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