That One Tahitian Pearl

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A customer emailed us about her one Tahitian pearl. Here is her story…

one tahitian pearl - what to do when you lose an earring - the pearl girls

Hi there,

I recently was gifted a beautiful pair of gray stud Tahitian pearl earrings and promptly lost one of them. I came across your site when finding something to do with my one remaining Tahitian pearl, and I see that you guys can fashion it into a beautiful ring, but I was wondering whether or not it would be possible to send in my pearl and have it fashioned into a necklace like your “single pearl necklace.” I know that’s not an option on the site itself, but I thought I would ask!

Thanks so much,


tahitian black pearl in a shell - one tahitian pearl

Hi Emma!

Thanks for your email! I am sorry you lost one of your Tahitian earrings! What a bummer!! We can do anything you want with the single pearl… we can put it in a ring or drill it for a single pearl necklace but there is something I want you to consider…

When people choose pearls for rings or earrings, they do so strategically. Let’s say there is a pearl that is beautiful and flawless on one side but it maybe bumpy on the other side. This pearl is perfect for a ring or stud style earrings because the smooth, beautiful side can be shown off while the bumpy side can sit at the back against the metal where no one will see it. Or, think about shape. Maybe there is a pearl that is not perfectly round on one side and sort of flat on the other side. This is called a button pearl and they make perfect earrings! The flat part can sit against the earring back and the round part can be shown off. Even in perfectly round pearls we always drill a hole on a bump or imperfection so the prettier sides of the pearl are showcased.

Well, when you take a pearl out of a pair of earrings, sometimes it simply does not work in a design that is not an earring or ring or pin where only one side of the pearl is showing. Now, many times it works just fine. I just wanted to make you aware that if you want us to take the pearl out of your one earring and make it into a single pearl necklace, I will want to take a look at your pearl and make sure we are not going to drill a hole right through the pretty side of the pearl that you really need to show off.

My suggestion is to send the pearl to us, let us take a look at it and then decide what are options are. If you just want to keep that pearl and you want a single pearl necklace, we will gladly do whatever you want with your pearl. But, I just wanted you to know, sometimes pearls work better in specific designs and I want to make sure we create the perfect look for your pretty one Tahitian pearl!

To send your pearl to us for free, order a jewelry return kit and we will mail you an empty box, packing material and a return label! Click here…



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  1. I also love the tahitian pearl.

    Tahitian pearls are among the most exotic, sought-after pearls on the market today. While very often described as black, their colors cover the full spectrum from dark-black to silver-white, and nearly every color in between, including the most popular green and peacock. The colors of these exotic pearls are completely natural and guaranteed to be untreated in any way.

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