Spotlight on… Kay in Raleigh!

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Weekends can be funny times… you know that “they” say to be a competitive business, you have to be available to your customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We really want to be available to our customers but, on the weekends, we really want to be available to our families too.

This weekend, the 1-888 number was set to ring through my cell phone. When I saw the call this morning, I wasn’t going to answer it but the boys were settled into an episode of Curious George and I thought I could step into the other room and take a quick call.

This is how I met Kay! She had just placed an order online and wanted to make sure it was all set to mail to her Mom on Monday. (We can’t forget about that big day coming up next Sunday!) She also was shocked that I had answered the phone and had just planned on leaving a message. 5 minutes later when my son Jack joined me in the office repeatedly saying, “Mommy what are you doing?’ while I was making sure Kay’s order was complete with the shipping details, I could not help but smile. Thank you, Kay, for not only a fun conversation but also for a reminder that we are all doing what we can for ourselves and our families.

Whether it is calling up to make sure a gift is all set for your Mom or making sure you are doing your best as a Mom, we are all just stumbling along and learning as we go. One thing I LOVE about connecting with The Pearl Girls out there is that we are all so beautifully human and doing the best we can. After I made sure that Kay’s order will definitely be delivered to her Mom in time, I turned off my phone and enjoyed the rest of the day with my sons.


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