Southwest Attendant’s Hysterical Safety Instructions

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This funny Southwest attendant wears pearls!


Oh that savvy Southwest attendant! We love you! As with many people in the world this week, we were truly captivated by the  Southwest Airlines flight attendant who turned her safety instruction presentation into a one-woman comedy show. We wish we could have been on that flight!

But, what we noticed the MOST, was this Southwest attendant’s love for pearls. What did she choose to wear for her hysterical safety instructions? That’s right…pearls!

Not only is she funny, but well dressed too. Her neckline is layered with pearls and she also have a cute single strand bracelet on her wrist. Yes, dear Southwest attendant, you are a woman after our hearts! Way to look great and bringing down the whole plane in the process! We wish we were laughing along beside you!

If you missed this well dressed humorist, see her full, pearly video here:

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