Rush Week at UGA

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Girl getting ready for collegeHow will she remember you? How will she remember her values, that you are still there for her? All the love and energy that we pour into our children. It is hard to let them go. Maybe it is even more difficult to trust that we did what we meant to do… instill our daughter with values and high morals. Taught them that is okay to say not to situations that are, well, not okay. Because, she will face them. She will face the highs and lows and loves and joys of life once she leaves the comfort of the nest you have built for her. We have all faced challenging situations and those are the moments that we have truly decided who we are, what we will tolerate, what choices we will make. I can only imagine what moms and dads go through when their daughters leave their home and go to college. I hope as the young bright women come to Athens today to start their journey at the University of Georgia that they will remember they can still stay loyal to who they are and build on their foundation, strength and moral ground to become an even better version of themselves. Remember, we do not have to compromise who we are to be loved, needed or accepted. All the best to you bright, young women!

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