Robin Meade Thanks The Pearl Girls

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I think Robin Meade is amazing.

Truthfully, I do not know much about her civic involvement, her family life, her interests.. all I know is that she makes me smile when I watch her on Morning Express with Robin Meade on HLN. And sometimes I think that is all you have to know about people to like them…. how they make you feel. And she makes me tickles me pink! So, imagine my delight this morning as I opened a letter from Robin thanking us for the Mother’s Love Enhancer. Here is the letter:

Robin Meade Morning Express Pearls

Now I truly know she amazing. To take the time to hand-write a note to us? First, she did not need to write us. Secondly, she could have sent a form letter with her photocopied signature. But, she actually took the time to write and I think that is incredibly sincere. Thanks so much, Robin. It is with great pride that we call you a Pearl Girl!!


April 8, 2013










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