Lisa’s Pearl Story

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Thanks to Lisa who offered this amazing pearl story. Do your pearls have a story? We want to hear it! Click here to submit your story. We will give you 25% off your next purchase too!

Here is Lisa’s story…

Lisa Pearl Story Pearl Earring

My great aunt Juliana came to this country, from Austria Hungary, as a young woman barely out of her teens. It was the 1920’s and, living in NYC, she worked as a nanny for a very nice, rather well off, family. When the Christmas holidays came, my aunt was far away from her home and her parents. She missed her brothers and sisters, and she had left her “beau” behind to find a better life in America. It was a sad and lonely time, even though she liked the family for whom she worked.

At Christmas, they surprised my aunt with a lovely pair of matched pearl stud earrings set in 14 kt gold. The backs actually screwed on so the earrings would stay securly in place. Years later, when I was 14 years old, I got my ears pierced. By then, my dear aunt, who never married or had her own children, was approaching 70.

One day, while sitting in her living room, she pulled out a small box. In it were the pearl earrings! She still had them. She told me the story, and handed them to me. I put the earrings on, and ran to the mirror. I examined my reflection from every angle, and decided that pearls made ladies look lovely!

I often wore my great aunt’s pearls, and eventually began collecting pearls of my own. I often buy pearls for my own daughter, who is now 23. She loves them! And Aunt Juliana pearls? I still have them – tucked lovingly away in a special rose covered box. They are taken out on only the most special of occasions. Although Aunt Juliana passed many years ago, she will always be lovingly remembered.

Thank you, Aunt Juliana, for your gift, and for sharing with me, your only neice, your love of pearls.

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