Pink Pearls

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5mm Pink Necklace

How do you get those cute pink pearls? I just love offering pink cultured pearls. They are a gorgeous alternative to traditional white pearls and the pink coloring is surprisingly subtle on all skin tones. Instead of being a shocking pink look they prove to be a natural, soft color when worn against the skin. Truthfully, against the white background of our photos, I believe this pink tone looks more saturated than these pearls appear in person.

So, colorful pearls, where do they come from? Have you ever seen the shockingly wild pearl colors? Sometimes you can find pearls in very unnatural colors including blue, green, chocolate and more. These pearls have been dyed. I believe they are noticeable unnatural looking and usually feature a lower quality pearl.

pearls and their mollusks

These pink pearls differ from those wild colors because these are an all natural pearl color, formed by nature rather than a man-made process. Cultured freshwater pearls from China come in three colors: white, pink (which can range from a peachy color to a blush pink), and mauve. By far the white are the most popular pearl color but for those looking for something slightly different, pink are a perfect choice. They can be worn as a necklace for women or as a sweet necklace for little girls. Of course pink pearls come in earrings and bracelets for young and old too.

There was once a trend toward white pearls that had pink tones so pearl suppliers began tinting their white pearls pink. These are different from natural pink pearls since they are essential white pearls but with a pink overtone. Read more about the “pinking” process here. 




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