Pink Pearls Fundraiser

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It is October and time to for our Pink Pearls Fundraiser! This is, of course, our fundraiser to bring awareness to breast cancer. This is also my love song to women, who I always connect with and have great love for. I believe in women supporting women, I believe in supporting women and October is a great month to honor women and their health and their bodies.

I hold great respect for the women living with breast cancer, those who have dealt with breast cancer and, of course, for my grandmother, who lost her life to breast cancer. May we one day celebrate the end of this disease.

Until then, we will give 25% of our total sales of pink pearls to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

We support their mission provide help and inspire hope through early detection, education, and support services. Want to help? Find your perfect Pink Pearls for our Pink Pearls Fundraiser.

See our Pink Pearls here!



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