Pearl Jewelry Repair

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Pearl jewelry repair by The Pearl Girls!

No matter where you are in the world, we can provide your pearl jewelry repair. It is a concept we are pretty excited about. We have trained (and we continue training!) a team of amazingly talented women who repair pearl jewelry, string and knot pearls. But, here is the most important part… We are honored to take care of your treasured pearls.

We are absolute pearl fanatics and we are also wild about life, love and our families! We know that your pearls are not just another piece of fine jewelry. Your pearls are a treasure. They have been given to you by a very special person. Or maybe you bought them for yourself, because you truly deserve it. I know you have worn those pearls to wonderful events and occasions. I imagine you have also worn those pearls to gussy up your favorite bluejeans or to lift your spirits on a down day. We have all done the same.

Repair Pearl Jewelry - Dirty Broken Pearls

But now that pearls are dirty or broken and sitting in your jewelry box getting no love. We want to change that! We offer a service to  repair your pearl jewelry. Here is how it works. Simply request a Jewelry Return Kit from us. That is our way of saying we will mail you a box, bubble wrap and a return label. We do this for two reasons. First, we want to make it easy for you! Second, we want to track your pearls from the moment they leave your hands and get safely locked up with us!

Diane knot pearls string pearls for The Pearl Girls

So, order your Jewelry Return Kit and once it arrives pack up your pearls and mail them to us. When we receive them, we will call or email you (whichever you prefer!) so you know they are safe in our Georgia hands! We will store them and within a week we will string or knot your pearls exactly how you want them and return them to you!

You will pay $3 per inch of pearls that are 7mm or larger. So, an 18″ necklace of 7mm pearls will cost $54 plus any applicable tax or shipping. We can also add a new clasp or add more pearls to your strand for an additional cost! If your pearls are 6mm or smaller, your cost will be $0.75 per knot plus any applicable tax or shipping.

But restringing pearls is not all that we do at The Pearl Girls© Pearl Jewelry Repair. We can add pearls or beads to your rings or pins. We can clean your pearls. We can reknot or restring beaded necklaces. We can redesign or create new designs with your pearls and beads. We once even created a pendant from a pearl a woman found when she was eating oysters! Since we do all of our work in house, we can chat with you and create exactly what you want. And if we cannot do what you want, we will mail your jewelry back to you! Easy peasy!

Once we received a three strand pearl necklace and transformed it into three different necklaces for our customer’s three granddaughters. We took a 24″ necklace and created a 3-strand bracelet (with a stunning gold clasp!). We have taken necklaces with dirty knots and with new knots and clean silk it looked brand new! And Add-A-Pearls? We can repair those too. There are so many ways we can make your pearls wearable so you can continue enjoying them.

We appreciate you trusting us to take care of your special gems. If you would like to chat with us about our Re-String or Re-Knot Service, feel free to call or email us: or 706-850-5296.

Or, if you are ready to get started, simply order our (No Obligation) Jewelry Return Kit.

Thanks Pearl Girls!



pearl jewelry repair by The Pearl Girls
                         We also offer on-site childcare for our staff.. although we like to keep baby Eliza Ruth in the workroom with us!

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20 Replies to “Pearl Jewelry Repair”

  1. Do you repair only necklaces or do you also repair Rings?

    I have a gold ring with 8 tiny little diamonds and a pearl (perhaps 7 to 8 mm) sitting in the middle. The pearl got caught in a filing cabinet and lost a little piece of its outer layer. Do you replace pearls?

    Let me know. Thanks.

  2. Hi! I have a Pandora ring with zirconias and a pearl in the middle. The pearl fell off. Can it be replaced? It has sentimental value. The pearl was white. The ring is Everlasting Grace. How much to repair it? Thanks

    1. Yes Annette! We can definitely replace the missing pearl in your pearl ring! Your investment will depend on the size and quality of the pearl we use but having looked online at the ring, I imagine we can match the same design and fix your piece for a total of around $15. But if you get the ring to us we can quote you a definite price before we being the work! Order a jewelry return kit or simply pop it in the mail to us! We look forward to making your ring wearable and beautiful again!

      1. Hi! thanks for your answer. Tried to order a kit but seems you don’t ship to Puerto Rico. is there a way you can help? we use USPS the same as in USA.

  3. Do u replace a pearl on a ring i lost the pearl its tiny so cant find it would like to replace it thnk u let me know

    1. Hi Mary! Yes! We can definitely replace the tiny pearl in your ring! Please sent it to us or order a Jewelry Return Kit and we can assess it for you and get you a price. If you decide not to use us, no problem! We can return the ring to you!

  4. I have a double strand set of freshwater pearls. The clasp needs to be repaired and I cannot find a jeweler who will do it. Do you do clasp replacement? Linda

    1. We sure do, Linda! Sometimes we can change a clasp without reknotting the entire strand and sometimes, if the strand is old, dirty, or stretched out, we recommend reknotting, too! Let us know if we can do this work for you! Best, India

    1. Hi Brandi! Great question! We can easily replace pearls in rings as long as they have a single prong/post setting. Our freshwater black pearls start at $20 and Tahitians start at $50! Let us know if we can help! Best, India

    1. Hi Pamela! Yes, we can easily replace pearls in rings! And we have pink, white and black pearls available to replace them with! Send it over to us or order a Jewelry Return Kit! Thanks for reaching out! Best, India

  5. I have a ring that belonged to my great aunt. Her sister (my grandma) gave it to me a while ago, and unfortunately, the pearl flew off. And it was a black pearl. I really want to replace the black pearl but I just don’t know where to go or how much it would cost…

    1. Hi Madie! Thanks for reaching out! We can definitely replace that pearl in the ring. Our pearls for rings start at $20 per pearl for a nice 5-8mm size pearl. If the pearl is bigger than 8mm, the price will go up. And if you want a specialty pearl, the price can go up from there. But, most rings we fix, replace the pearl,labor and return ship for around $50. Feel free to send the ring in for a specialized quote or mail us a picture and we might be able to quote from there. We would love to fix this for you! All the Best, India

    1. Oh no! We can definitely fix it! We have actually fixed a lot of friend’s necklaces!! I know that is such a bummer to borrow something and then have it break! But we can help you with it, no problem! Best, India

  6. I lost my pearl from my ring I would like to get a new pearl to replace it. But would you be able to add prongs or something to the ring to better secure the pearl?

    1. Hi Grace!

      You know, we specialize in beadwork and pearls. The only thing we do not work with is metal or setting stones. So, we can easily replace a pearl in a ring but we cannot solder extra prongs or posts for the pearl. Most pearls are set on a single post, with a half drill and are secured with an epoxy. We can definitely help if you have that type of setting! And we have lots of pearls so we can easily replace your pearl! Thanks so much!



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