My Pearls Look Different

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The magic of restringing or retying pearls is… your pearls look different with new silk thread and tightly strung knots! We are reminded of this daily but here were three instances from last week that literally blew me away. Yes, pearls look different when they are reknotted. We think you will be shocked and delighted. Do you want us to reknot your pearls? Order a Jewelry Return Kit today!

My Pearls Look Different - the pearl girls - knot your pearls

So, here is what happened….We had a customer drive over from Atlanta with 8 strands for us to reknot. He had a couple of shell pearls necklaces, a few cute freshwater strands from his daughter, a gorgeous Tahitian strand and a strand of Mikimoto pearls. When he pulled out the strand of Mikimotos he said, “You know, I just do not understand the hype around Mikimotos, these pearls are just not that pretty.” I reluctantly agreed!

And then we reknotted them!

When he came to pick them up I said, “You know, I have been looking at your Mikimotos and I really think they are beautiful!” He looked at them and said, “I agree, they really are!”

Literally a few days later a customer drove over from Commerce, GA with her daughter’s “cheap pearls.” (her words, not mine). Well, again we reknotted them and those so called “Cheap pearls” looked very different! They were stunning!!

My Pearls Look Different - the pearl girls - reknot restring your pearls

This morning I was chatting with our Head of Production about our strict policy of checking in jewelry, keeping everything organized and more and then I went to check my email. Imagine my horror when I first started reading this email. But then I kept reading…

Oh, India!

My pearls arrived home today and I’m a little concerned–are you SURE this is the strand I sent??? The size, clasp, and number of beads are all correct but they have NEVER looked as beautiful as they do now!

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the absolutely pristine work as well as for your wonderful communication throughout the process. Thank you, thank you–and you may be certain I will show my friends why they must never let the local establishments ever touch their precious pearls again.


My Pearls Look Different - the pearl girls - reknot your pearls

All of this is to say, Yes! Your pearls look different when you restring them! It amazes us too! A ho-hum strand of pearls looks so much livelier with new knots! It is like you slowly forget how beautiful they were. And with new silk thread, the pop returns.

We think you will be shocked and delighted. Do you want us to show and delight you? Order a Jewelry Return Kit today!

Much love,




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