Pearls From Tahiti

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We have just launched our newest curated pearls… from our recent travels to French Polynesia! See our Tahitian Pearl Jewelry here…

pearls from tahiti
French Polynesia

Pearls from Tahiti… I must admit that is a bit of  misnomer. Tahiti is a gorgeous island, one of the over 100 islands in French Polynesia, way down in the South Pacific ocean. Tahiti features all the beauty one might expect from the French Polynesian islands except, Tahiti does not have any pearls! No, I had to travel further away from Tahiti to discover the riches that French Polynesia has to offer. And to find pearls beautiful enough for our limited release of Tahitian Pearl Jewelry.

pearls from tahiti with love

 Now, there are pearls for sale in Tahiti, no doubt about it. In fact, just today I visited a huge market with many of the Tahitian Black Pearls. Yes, it gets more confusing! Tahitian black pearls are called “Tahitian” even though they come from islands other than Tahiti.

Imagine for a minute landing in a small prop plane on an island atoll. (Read more about an atoll here…)

This atoll has the crashing Pacific ocean on one side and inside the atoll (on the lagoon side), the calm, crystal blue waters we associate with paradise. Yes, an atoll is an island formed by a volcano. The volcano then sinks back into the ocean and all is left is the ring of land. Inside the island atoll is what is called a lagoon and at the bottom of the lagoon the volcano continues to fill the water with rich minerals, prime for culturing pearls. This is Ahe, the paradise I traveled to for The Pearl Girls Tahitian black pearls.

atoll in french polynesia

Ahe is spectacular but the wonders of the quaint boutique pearl farm I visited was even more amazing. In the day and age where bigger is better, this small cultured pearl farm proves they can produce gorgeous, high quality pearls on a small scale. They do it by paying close attention to nature, to the health of their oysters, to the beauty of the land and water around them. They care. And since I truly care who we work with at The Pearl Girls, it seems we make a great match!

French Polynesia Pearl Farm

I will be introducing a few designs showcasing the pearls I was able to source from this amazing Ahe pearl farm. You can see our Tahitian Black pearls here.  These pearls are like wearing a heart of sunshine, of wind and waves, beauty and peace on your neck. These glorious and gloriously simple jewelry pieces feature these amazing pearls from Tahiti or, more correctly, black pearls from the exotic island atoll, Ahe. Enjoy!

The Pearl Girls Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace

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