My Pearl Necklace Does Not Lay Straight

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My Pearl Necklace does not Lay Straight: I was walking through The Pearl Girls Shop today when I saw this necklace on a bust:

My Pearl Necklace Does Not Lay Straight - The Pearl Girls



And I started thinking of how proud I am of The Pearl Girls ™ Jewelry and the amazing women on our staff who can create high quality knotted pearl jewelry and repairs. But having a tight knot is not the same as having a necklace that does not lay flat, is it?

When you receive jewelry from The Pearl Girls ™ and it seems a bit tight, it will gently fall out and lay flat within a wear or two because this is what high quality pearl jewelry does. But what happens when it doesn’t?

A Pearl Girl customer mailed us a necklace that she had reknotted… over 10 years ago! And it still does not lay flat. (It was not knotted by The Pearl Girls™!) So how, could a necklace still look “off” after so long. The secret is in the silk!

There are many different sizes of silk thread and many different sizes of drill bits! In a perfect world, all pearls are drilled the same size and all pearls require the same size silk thread. But that isn’t the case! Tiny pearls have tiny drill holes and big pearls have big drill holes and fake pearls tend to have enormous holes! And then, sometimes, big pearls have tiny holes and tiny pearls have big holes. The point is, there is not always a consistency in the size of a hole in a pearl.

And, most jewelry stores, especially those that do not specialize in pearl knotting, do not stock the different sizes of thread. At any one time we will have 10-12 different sizes of silk of just one color! And which each variation of pearl or bead color, you need the matching color of silk thread!

Anyway, if you use too thick of a thread, the pearls will never, ever lay flat. They will be forever suspended in what we professionals call, “a wompy looking necklace!” The silk is simply too thick in the hole of the pearl. Even gently tugging on the knots will not pull out the necklace because it isn’t knotted too tight, the silk is just simply too tight in the drill hole! The only way to repair this is to redo the entire strand on the properly sized thread!

Below I am sharing some more on this particular necklace. If your pearl necklace does not lay straight, please click here to learn more about The Pearl Girls © Jewelry Repair Service.

Thanks for being a Pearl Girl!






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