Pearl Knotting Classes

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Pearl Knotting Class

I am thrilled that we have finally launched pearl knotting classes! Starting October 22nd we will host a class to teach men and women the ins and outs of knotting pearls.

I am so excited to introduce The Pearl Girls to a wider scope of our Athens, GA community. Truthfully we do so much in so many different places, sometimes I forget about home! I also cannot wait to let Abby (our head of pearl jewelry production) share her pearl knotting skills with others. These pearl knotting classes will be a great way to share our passion for pearls and cultured pearl jewelry with a wider variety of people. The fee will solely cover the cost of supplies and Abby’s time. Although we will offer participants a discount on their pearls, it is out hope that people can join our class without feeling the need to purchase pearls to learn from. As much as I am against faux pearls, they will provide a great training platform! Participants are welcome to buy pearls from us (at a great discount!) but these classes will also offer a great opportunity for participants to knot their family pearls or to reknot some jewelry they already own.

It sort of reminds me of when I first met my husband and I tried to knit a scarf for him… well, let’s just say I hope everyone finishes their pearls!

Pearl Knotting Class Black Pearls

It is my desire to grow The Pearl Girls and build a strong community of men and women creating our pieces on flex time so they can balance home and work life. We have a few great women on board so far but we have had some busts too. Learning lessons, I like to call them! I hope by creating these classes, we will be able to identify people with a knack for knotting that can grow into a future job with us. During my last “learning lesson,” I realized that some people are not as experienced or proficient as they think they might be. Although we want to get as many people as involved as possible, we will not compromise our extremely high standard!

For all of ya’ll in the Athens, GA area, I hope you can join us for a fun night of knotting pearls! And if you are coming this way, please look us up!


Update: The classes are a blast!! Here are some photos! Don’t forget to sign up and join us!! Sign up by clicking here…

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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2 Replies to “Pearl Knotting Classes”

    1. I wish we did but unfortunately we do not! You can order distance ed kit from us. Our video class is so great! Many people have learned from Abby’s awesome instruction! Let us know if you want to order one!

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