Our International Pearl Tour DVD… not working???

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I have proudly handed out about 900 International Pearl Tour DVDs since June. I have been thrilled to share my love of pearls and a bit of my adventures with all of The Pearl Girls and Pearl Girls stores… until I learned that the DVDs just aren’t working! 

The reports started coming in in July. I thought it was a fluke! There was no way that these DVDs which I spent thousands of dollars on, to share for free, simply won’t work! What?? Well, I am afraid it is true. These DVDs will not work on the most common computer DVD player, Windows Media Player. I have spoken with Discmakers, who created the discs for me, and they say the secret to play the DVDs is to press the “enter” key instead of clicking on “play” with your mouse. So, if you are having trouble, please press enter! 
Thanks for your patience and I am truly sorry about this mishap! 

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