Only One Strand Broke

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You have a multi-strand pearl or beaded necklace and one strand broke? What do you do?  Can The Pearl Girls ™ only repair just that one strand?

The answer is YES! We can repair one strand of a multi-strand necklace and this will save you more money in the short term. However,  this isn’t always the best choice. If one strand of your necklace has aged enough to break, the likelihood that the remaining strands will break is high. Now, if you feel that one of your strands broke prematurely, this is a different story. Maybe, like me, you were wearing your pearls while biking with your kids, one strand got caught around your handlebars and you lifted your neck and broke your strand! Oops! Or, the strand got caught or yanked somewhere else. Oopses do happen. And if you think it is simply a mistake that one strand broke, we can fix just that one strand!

But, consider reknotting or restringing all strands at once so you do not have to repair and repair again like Kathleen did in our video.

If we do not believe your necklaces was knotted (or reknotted) properly, we might suggest you reknot the entire strand. See the video below for more information. And, if you are ready to take advantage of our highly skilled pearl knotters, click here. Thanks so much Pearl Girls!




video: One Strand of A Multi-Strand Necklace Breaks

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