Moms Broken Pearls

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What a lovely package we received at The Pearl Girls today! Barbara Ann mailed us her Moms broken pearls along with a wonderful note:

Dear Pearl Girls,

Enclosed is a broken strand of pearls that belonged to my mother. I lost her June 17, 2017. Her name was Conception but everyone knew her as “Connie”. When she passed, I wore them everyday. No matter what I was wearing or what I was doing. I wore them because I wanted to feel close to her (They looked especially good with my father’s flannel shirts & a pair of worn out jeans).  Of course she had other jewelry that I wore as well. But, for some reason, these pearls were most special, just as she was to me. I enclosed a picture of my mother wearing them when she was 18 years old in 1947. She was beautiful up until the day she died. I miss her everyday. Please take care in repairing these most precious pearls and return them to me so that I can continue to wear them in memory of my beloved mother.

Thank you.


Barbara Ann



This, our dear friends, is why we do what we do. We love the meaning and service that pours forth from our days. We believe that in our connection to others is the love that bonds and connects us all. It is with great honor that we will reknot this necklace for Barbara and for the loving memory of Connie. Pearls have an amazing power to connect us to those we love. Thank you for sharing this most amazing gift with us.

If you have some beautiful pearls that you cherish that are sitting alone and broken in your drawer, please know you can trust us to repair or reknot them for you. We will always tae care of Moms broken pearls!

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With Love,


Founder of




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