Mother of Pearl Skulls

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Mother of pearl skulls, mark this one down as kind of creepy! Artist Gregory Halili has created skulls out of mother of pearl in oyster shells. These mother of pearl skulls offer a different interpretation of the is beautiful, lustrous material.


Gregory, a native of The Philippines, started by using oyster shells from his native country to create his mother of pearl skulls. Given the popularly of skulls in jewelry and art these days, I am sure his creations are popular. Although not exactly my style, I thought this was an interesting use of the mother of pearl lining the inside of oyster shells. And it is unique that he has maintained the integrity of these oyster shells. In most mother of pearl creations, the mother of pearl is removed from the shell and used in accents. We have all seen silverware, boxes, lamps and other decorative accessories that utilize gorgeous mother of pearl. Well, we can certainly call this one different! Here are some more images of Gregory’s work:





And here are some visions from his studio as Gregory works on his creations using the actual likeness of a skull for accuracy.



Interested in one of these mother of pearl skulls? Gregory is represented by Nancu Hoffman Gallery in NYC.


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2 Replies to “Mother of Pearl Skulls”

    1. I love these, too! I wish we sold them! I just featured them because they are so beautiful! I believe there is a gallery in New York that sells them! Good luck!



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