Mixing and Matching Pearls

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Mixing and matching pearls..feel free to just do it!

Do you have an amazing pair of large studs and a dainty necklace? Wear them together. What about tiny earrings and a bold necklace? Contemporary pearls and classic pearls, large pearls and small pearls… yes, gone are the days when women wear their matching sets of pearls.

Now, some women still prefer the look of matching pearls. They tends to be very classic and tailored in style. However, more and more women are mixing up pearl sizes, pearl style and even pearl colors. There are no boundaries when it comes to pearls which is great because you can still define your own style using these timeless gems!

Mixing and matching pearls…

Mixing and matching pearls is something I get asked about a lot and I really feel like it is important to hold no rules or boundaries when you mix and match your pearls. Some days you may prefer to be a little more daring than others.

For those of you shopping for your loved ones, remember just because you purchase a Classic Pearl Necklace does not mean you cannot pair them with a larger (or smaller) pair of earrings. There are no rules. Just have fun and look great!


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