Made With Love

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“They are made with love,” Charlotte said this morning, “I can tell.”

Girl in pearls made with love

Charlotte first called us back in November. her granddaughter had a birthday a few month away and she wanted to give her a gift that her own grandmother had given her: a strand of pearls. Who knows how she even found us. I know that , as an ecommerce business, we should track and trail and optimize our website. But, many times, women just seem to find us at the right time and for the right reasons. Charlotte needed pearls and she found us.

Now, Charlotte is from New York City so she has no shortage of options when it comes to cultured pearls. She knows the jewelry districts and the large scale jewelry stores and she even shopped for pearls at Tiffany. She felt like they had a major attitude.

So, Charlotte called us, probably just to get a sense what we are all about. And then she called back a month later. And then she placed and order.

5mm white necklace pearls for girls

I just got off the phone with Charlotte. She called to place another order for her second granddaughter. She assured me that she has access to pearls right in her backyard. “I have options,” she assured me. And yet, when the strand arrived for her first granddaughter she said she had not seen anything more lovely than that strand of pearls. She was speechless.

“I do not know what it is,” she told me, “These pearls have an aura about them that I have never seen in other pearls. Maybe one reason is because they are made with love.”

Sometimes we cannot pinpoint what makes our pearls so special either. Maybe it is our care in selecting the pearl farms we work with and the selection of the pearls themselves. We definitely create every single piece of The Pearl Girls jewelry with love. How wonderful that this is so apparent.

Thanks so much, Charlotte, for your kind words. We know your granddaughters will love their loving gift from you.


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