International Pearl Tour, Day 1

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What an exciting day! Today we officially began work on our DVD creation: International Pearl Tour. I met with Richie Knight from HW Productions and we started going over everything he is going to need to edit all of my footage from the pearl farms in China and the Philippines and put together an amazing, interesting and fun video. You may have seen our You Tube videos on China and the Philippines. Well, this video will combine some of that footage with new, never-before-seen footage, photos, voice overs and info galore! This is going to be such a great resource for our customers and stores and anyone else who might want to see the inner workings of international pearl production. Woo hoo!

The video will officially launch at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market in June and again at the Atlanta International Gift Show in July. It will be available online as well and will be FREE! I can’t wait to keep you posted as Richie and I continue to work on this in the coming weeks!

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