Why Gone With The Wind?

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Gone With the Wind: Why did I name our All-American pearl jewelry line from characters in Gone With the Wind?

First, did you notice? I know names like Dolly and Sue-ellen may be a little more obscure but surely you guessed it with Scarlett, Mammy or even Prissy?

You know, I love that we are a southern pearl jewelry company and I am really loving our new line of All-American pearls that are truly southern, having been discovered in the Tennessee River! When we were creating all of the designs we were discussing how fun it would be to name the jewelry after people we are friends with or women we love. It was such a great idea but I could not even begin to think what I would name each piece based on various friend’s personalities or characteristics. But then I began to think…

In 2006 when I was planning the journey through Asia which would lead to the launch of The Pearl Girls, I knew I would be gone a long time. I am an avid reader and this was (gasp!) before the dawning of e-readers! Anyway, I wanted to carry a big thick book with me to carry throughout the trip and my mom suggested Gone With The Wind.


I was actually truly amazed by this book and the story that I had, surprisingly, never been familiar with. In fact, throughout my life I have been asked to explain my name. My name originates from my grandmother but I always used to tell people that India surely is an old southern name given that Ashley Wilkes’ sister was named India. Then I read the book and I quit saying that! India was, admittedly, not my favorite character.  But, the story itself is so rich and the characters are so full of life. So, when it came to naming our unique, southern pearls, using these women as inspiration seemed like a perfect fit.

Enjoy these southern pieces and the southern women they are named for!

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