Lady Gaga on Pearls

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Oh Lady Gaga on pearls… she goes gaga over pearls for her family and friend!

Lady Gaga wrote a column for V Magazine and in it she chats about shopping for pearls for her mom, sister and girlfriend.


I love her quote about shopping for pearls, “I quickly decided that I couldn’t only buy one for myself. I would feel terrible. So I made it about the girls: one for my mother, my gorgeous and talented sister, and Bo, my best friend. It was to be a sign of our womanhood, a thank you for fostering mine, for my sister a sign of things to come, and for my mother a strand of pearls to represent each of the blessings she had cultured for our family over the years.”

classy-gaga-pearls-for-high-tea gaga-steps-out-in-pearl-heels lady-gaga-on-pearls-tell-us-how-you-love-them lady-gaga-on-pearls-and bows

Well said!

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