First Lady Jewelry: Martha Washington’s Pearls

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A review of first lady jewelry… this might be the beginning of a long series of blog posts!

But, as I land in Washington D.C. to take care of some pearl business and then attend my 20th high school reunion (gasp!), I have presidents on the brain. Or, more importantly, their first ladies! And their jewelry. Or, more importantly, their pearls! Okay, joking aside, check out this brooch:


It is a pearl eagle! This seriously gorgeous pearl pin is made completely of pearls! First, how many pearls are in this work of jewelry art?! It took quite a bit of pearls and some serious dedication to create this presidential-worthy piece. And think of the date it was purchased… 1789 (it is rumored to have been purchased in New York from Mr. M. Roberts, but I am not sure! It looks like I have some research on my hands!). We do know these are gorgeous, natural pearls.

George Washington was entered in office April 30, 1789 and by Christmas he had purchased this stunner for Martha. Along with a matching set of seed pearl earrings:

First_Lady_Jewelry_Martha_Washington_ Pearls_Seed_pearl_earringsNow that is some presidential spending that we can support! Although these pieces were, at one time, on display in Washington, D.C., they are back at Mount Vernon. I might have to scoot on over to Fairfax County, Virginia to see this stunning first lady jewelry!

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