Elope in Style

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If you are going to elope, I think it is best to elope in style! That is one young couple in N.C. decided to do. The bride wore The Pearl Girls! 

Cultured Pearl Heart by The Pearl Girls
Cultured Pearl Heart by The Pearl Girls

It all started when lovely woman contacted us from Fayetteville wanting to buy something special for her son’s fiancé. Or maybe she was even just his girlfriend at the time! We got her gift sent off for her. Well, a couple of weeks later, she responded with the elopement photo and this great note…

“It looks like she liked it…this is a wedding (elopement) photo I received!

Thanks for everything,

I think she definitely liked it, Cay!! May they enjoy all the blessings in the world.

Here is the groom with his lovely bride who chose to elope in style:

elope in style - The Pearl Girls Nice Cultured Pearl Heart!!

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