A 55 Pearl Story

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A few months ago I got a call from a woman whose parents were about to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary and her Dad wanted to create something special for his bride! All he knew is that he wanted big pearls! Which makes perfect sense to me, after 55 years together, right!? So, after lots of phone conversations and emails back and forth, we decided to create our large Signature Pearl Necklace in 55 pearls.

We lovingly created the necklace, included a note of appreciation to the gentleman who bought it and a few weeks later I received this amazing email from the daughter:


Just wanted to touch base and let you know how much my mother LOVES her pearls!! She is wearing them all the time! We joke with her about wearing them to bed! Everyone just thinks the idea of the 55 pearls was the greatest idea. My dad finally confessed and said it wasn’t his idea ..it was yours! I have enclosed two pictures just for “your” viewing. Thank you again for making this such a special anniversary. I will be sure to pass along how great you have been to our friends!

It was a pleasure working with you!!


Here is a sneak peek of the woman in her 55 pearls! What an honor it was to create a necklace for her!!

Mom surprise - a 55 pearl story - The Pearl GirlsA 55 pearl story - The Pearl Girls pearls

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