Mother’s Day Pearls

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I absolutely love to hear all the wonderful stories about The Pearl Girls!( Of course, this is why I love it when y’all come meet us on Facebook!) Yesterday I spoke with Dianne Wood, the owner of Peacock Hill in Thomson, GA. Dianne had given away one of The Pearl Girls cultured pearl necklaces for Mother’s Day and I was anxious to know how her giveaway went. She said it brought a lot of new women into her store and she even had one lady come by every day so she could put lots of entries into the jar. When Dianne drew the winner, she was so delighted. She said the winner was a wonderful mother. For years she had sacrificed having things for herself so she could give everything to her children.. a truly selfless woman. She was also a teacher and just retired last year. She had never owned a pearl necklace and never thought she would…but the Mother’s Day drawing changed that.

I did not even ask Dianne the name of this lucky Pearl Girl but my hat goes off to her. All of you givers out there deserve to have a little recognition… a little something special that you can appreciate yourself with. I hope you recognize your own power, strength and beauty.

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