An Ode to Opera Pearls

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Today I offer and ode to opera pearls… an opera pearl necklace, that is. This is my newest favorite style in my jewelry box. Opera length necklaces, by definition, can range between 30″ to 60″. In fact, many people have different opinions on the exact length of an opera length necklace. To read more about necklace lengths, go here. My length of choice is 54″ which equates to 3 – 18″ necklaces. This is a great necklace length that can be twisted, tied and layered. Any longer than this and you can consider your necklace a rope of pearls. And Coco Chanel said it best, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”

When I travel which I seem to be doing a lot of this summer, I take my opera length pearl necklace.  It keeps me excited. I can wear it many different ways, always excited about a new twist, style or the way it wears well with many different types of outfits. In consideration of my ode to opera pearls, here are some images I found of women in opera length pearl necklaces:

But one of my favorite stories in my ode to opera pearls is the tale of the nineteenth century Queen Margherita of Italy. In Joyce’s book Pearls she states that Margherita’s pearls, “started just blow her chin and reached down to her knees. ” Each year her husband, King Umberto, gave her a new strand on her birthday.



Oh Queen Margherita, you are a Pearl Girl after my own heart!

Have fun and wear pearls!


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