You Call That A Pearl??

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As a pearl grader, world explorer and lover of everything to do with pearls, I get so frustrated by how people throw around the word pearl! Clearly, “pearl” can be used to describe any thing closely resembling a real, genuine pearl. I find it frustrating because some people spend ALOT of money on plastic, glass, fish scale or other shiny substances called “pearls”. And they never know these are not real pearls! I had a little fun this morning shopping for “pearls” in the grocery store.

Would you wear… pearls made of fish oils?

fish oil pearls are not real pearls

What about a wheat-y pearl?

Pearl Couscous Is Not A Real Pearl

Now, these pearls might be gluten free…

Pearl Barley is Not A Real Pearl

But definitely not sugar free…

Pearl Cupcake Sprinkles are Not Real Pearls

Know your pearls so you don’t get stuck with something other than the real thing! Real pearls… you deserve them!

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