When In Doubt, Go Classic

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Always choose classic men and classic jewelry


We spend alot of time on the phone around here. I know that many people love internet shopping which is so convenient but many of our Pearl Girl customers just love calling us up, chatting and shopping over the phone. And we love it too. I am always quick to pick up on “pearls” of wisdom from our customers.

Michelle from Georgia had a great point the other day… She said, “When in doubt, go classic and tradition. You can always throw in a touch of wild and crazy later. Fine jewelry? Classic. Go with a nice strand of pearls. You can always find a wild and crazy accessory when you want something cheap. China pattern? Classic. Just add a crazy serving utensil. And men? You may want to go on a date with one of the wild and crazy ones but when it comes to marriage.. again, classic and traditional is the way to go.”

We couldn’t agree more!


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