Twin Pearls

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In honor of our favorite twins, I wanted to talk about twin pearls. Yes, it is a real thing… twin pearls! But first, let me tell you about these cuties:


Elle and Chas are the daughter and son of Abby, our Head of Production. Their birth, two years ago, changed everything for us. I was wanting to move production of The Pearl Girls cultured pearl jewelry to the U.S. in hopes of providing better quality jewelry and more jobs for local women. Simultaneously, Abby was feeling the pull to quit her job so she could spend more time with her two babies.  Abby had worked with me on repairs and custom pearl jewelry since I began The Pearl Girls in 2008. But, because of these two wonderful children, she decided to take the leap and take over our jewelry production.

I know that balancing children and work can be so difficult for mammas and I am amazed at how Abby can continue to create beautiful jewelry, teach other women how to create jewelry at her level of quality and still care for these two. She also has a fabulous dinner on the table each night. But, the best part, she loves what she does… every hand-cramping moment of it. How amazing and inspiring that she is living her dream and her passion!


As we know with twins, they either form separately (fraternal twins like Chas and Elle) or they form together and split into identical twins. With twin pearls, the opposite happens. These pearls start forming as two separate pearls and then they fuse together. All pearls start with some sort of nucleus that starts the pearl making process. A pearl sac forms over the nucleus. With twin pearls the two nucleus fuse together and form a double pearl. Twin pearls can occur in any type of pearls. They always are incredible interesting and they make for a great “conversation pearl.”


My first experience with twin pearls was in China in 2006. I fell in love with what I called Peanut Pearls which are really a type of twin pearls. Some twin pearls look a lot like peanuts!!

Any pearl can form into a twin pearl which can make for some very interesting looking pearls!

So, in honor of the twins’ second birthday today, we celebrate the beauty of twins and twin pearls! Happy birthday Elle and Chas!



August 9, 2014

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