Sea of Cortez Pearl – Mexico 2016

Sea of Cortez, Mexico

June 1, 2018 - June 9, 2018

A New Mexico

Having traveled to Cancun, Mexico in my past, I was thrilled to see a new side of Mexico on my Sea of Cortez Pearl Tour!

After a big trip to Australia in 2015, we decided to stay closer to home in 2016. Plus the amazing pearls in the Sea of Cortez are so tantalizing! These amazing pearls are unlike anything we have ever seen… they have a rainbow iridescence! Look at these beauties..

Rainbow Pearls

a view at mexican pearls -cortez pearl farm- the world of pearlThese are some of the rarest cultured pearls in the world! The Sea of Cortez farm are currently culturing 200,000 native pearl oysters. They are replenishing the Gulf of California with native pearl oysters! In fact, they only work with the mollusks native to this area, specifically the “Rainbow-Lipped Pearl Oyster” (Pteria sterna) and the “Black-Lipped Pearl Oyster” (Pinctada mazatlanica). Their commercial production is only for the Rainbow Lipped Oysters. These are the ones that make the rainbow colored pearls!

The Trip

Our trip took us from Atlanta to Guaymas, Sonoma, Mexico. We also had a few west coasts join us! So, as always, you can easily join me from your neck of the woods! We flew to Hermosillo and rented a van so we had our own roadside adventures. Now, some people were concerned with going to Mexico but we were safe and had a lovely time!

We stayed in the lovely San Carlos in a lovely resort along the beach. This side of Mexico is quite different and much less touristy from Cabo. It was not a typical beach resort yet it had its own charm and beauty. We had plenty of time to explore the coastline, eat delicious seafood and, of course, be there for the pearl harvest! The first harvest of the year! We had been invited by the pearl farm owner to share in this wonderful experience. In one word: Amazing!

harvesting pearls - sea of cortez- the world of pearls - cortez pearls resize

Building Excitement!

Before I left I heard that, because of the small harvest, there are only about 60 completed Sea of Cortez pearl necklaces in the whole world. Hmm… I wondered if I should go for 61? Or maybe a lovely pendant or earrings will do? Well, we did enjoy harvesting AND buying these pearls!!

Once in a Lifetime

I was so thrilled to create another once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my guests who joined me! If you are an adventurer who prefers both the good life and veering from the path most traveled, these trips are for you. I love being a personal escort on exotic pearl adventures. A true once in a lifetime experience.




This trip already passed! Stay tuned for a new trip soon!



Total: $4000

Deposit $1000

Due Jan 15th $100, amount due Feb 15th $1000 and final payment due March 15 $1000