The Tooth Test

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What is the Tooth Test?

It’s all about figuring out whether your pearls are real… or fake! (Speaking of fake, if you have veneers, unfortunately the tooth test will not work.) This test is a quick and easy way to find out if a pearl is an imitation pearl or a real pearl. And it is done, simply, by rubbing the pearl along the bottom of your teeth! It might sound a little weird, but it does work, and I’ll explain how.

So, how does that work? First, let’s talk about the nature of a pearl. A pearl is like an onion! It forms in layers around a central nucleus.

The layers of a pearl - the world of pearl

Pearls are also like bricks! Each ring of pearl-making material is like interlocking crystals. This means that the surface of a real pearl will not be 100% smooth. Fake pearls, however, will have a smooth surface which indicates that they are man-made.

Here’s How To Do It:

Begin by rubbing your pearls against your teeth. I personally like to run pearls along the bottom of my top teeth. You might even want to hold them between your bottom and top teeth in a gentle bite. They should feel gritty. Now, the best way to really feel this sensation is to try it with both fake and real pearls and then compare. Those fake pearls will slide right across your teeth. Gritty is good! Gritty represents the interlocking crystals in the pearl and shows you that those pearls are real!

For additional information and context about how to tell the difference between real and fake pearls, you can check out this post on our website!

So, if you have some pearls, and you’re not sure if they’re genuine and real, the tooth test is one method for determining authenticity. And if you want the real thing, we carry only real pearls at The Pearl Girls! Therefore, if you have purchased pearls from us before, smile! Because now you know that they are authentic!




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