The Pearl Girls in The Red & Black

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We love the Red & Black!

Living and working in Athens, GA gives us great access to the University of Georgia and the wonderful young people that come this way. This week it was so much fun to be contacted by a few journalism students who wanted to interview us for inclusion in the independent student newspaper, The Red & Black. Photojournalist Taylor Craig Sutton stopped by for photos in the midst of a crazy redecorating of our office so he did not have much to work with! And Chelsey Abercrombie diligently stayed on top of nailing us down for a chat about The Pearl Girls.

Thanks to these wonderful students for their hard work and for the Red & Black for the feature. It has already helped us to get in touch with more wonderful people in our area. To read the full article, click here: The Pearl Girls Perfected The Southern Charm of Pearls

The Pearl Girls perfected the Southern charm of pearls

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