The Black Pearls Have Landed

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Our black pearls have landed!

I spoke to our favorite Tahitian black pearl farmer last week. He had finished his harvest and matched us some amazingly beautiful Tahitian black pearl necklaces for our eight pre-order customers! Thanks to each of you who preordered your strands.

The pearls cleared the strict Tahitian custom and duties and they made it to us today!! Our pearl knotters are going to get right on it knotting these fine pearl necklaces. In the meantime, allow the rest of us time to gawk at these amazing black pearls. Yes, the black pearls have landed and they are about to fly off to their final homes very soon. Happy holidays, indeed!






Right now, I have exactly one necklace left so if you want it, order it here…

Our next harvest will be during our trip in February, 2015 so feel free to join us if you prefer to select your own strand! Or order and we will select the pearl for you!




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