Thank You, Pearl Girls, for the Thank You Notes

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Thank you, Pearl Girls! I know I have said it before but I could say it a million times, your appreciation of The Pearl Girls jewelry and pearl jewelry repair service really lights me up. When you send us a thank you note, do you know what we do? We forward it around from person to person. We have a collective giggle of pride in the work we do each and everyday. And, knowing how much you appreciate it really makes us work harder.We want these good vibes to keep coming. Because we try love the work we do here and we are so thrilled to know you love it too. So, here is my little thank you to you for thanking us so much.

Thanks to dear Judi who took the time to hand write a note to us:

thank you pearl girls for the thank you notes

thank you pearl girls for the thank you note

“It is so nice to work with such sweet ladies. You Pearl Girls are just the best!” is such a sweet line.And, you know what, Judi, that is exactly how we feel about you, too! In fact, the Pearl Girls customers are so sweet and kind and understanding. We are truly blessed with some amazing customers!

We receive countless emails too. Thank you, Pearl Girls! We truly appreciate you too!



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