Tell Me About Grandmother’s Pearls

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“Tell Me About Grandmother’s Pearls,” is a statement I hear a lot around The Pearl Girls. Women may be working to clear out their grandmother’s houses, or downsize their estates, or whatever it is and they want to know more about their grandmother’s pearls. I love looking through old jewelry and this is such a treat for me! Interesting enough, though, grandmother’s pearls do not always include the treasures one might expect. Sometime’s grandmother’s pearls are fake. In fact, a lot of times they are fake. I know many of you still do not know the difference in real and fake pearls. If you would like more info, review my blog, Are these pearls real? 

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I also decided to create a video so you can hear what I told one woman about her Great Aunt’s pearls. You may not live close enough to stop by for a “Tell Me More About My Grandmother’s Pearls” session!  In this video I explain how I can immediately tell if pearls are real or fake. I hope you can use some of these tips to tell you more about your grandmother’s pearls. also, please note if you read my previous post on Majorca Pearls, these came from the same collection of pearls you will see in the video.

And if your grandmother does have a lot of fake pearls, know that simply that was the majority of what was available during her time. No one has to suffer with fake pearls anymore but back then fake pearls were very common. Anyway, so check out the video and let me know if you have any questions!

Tell Me Abut My Grandmother’s Pearls:

And, if this embed link does network, you can view this directly on YouTube by clicking here.

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