Tahitian Pearl Stars

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Tahitian Pearl Stars… It really does not matter who you are or what your style is, Tahitian pearls are gorgeous. The beauty of French Polynesia is seeing the beautiful women and men wearing pearls. I can honestly say that I was not a huge fan of Tahitian pearls until I took the journey (one of our Pearl Adventures!) to French Polynesia. Something about the gorgeous water, the amazingly beautiful black-lipped oysters and the gorgeous black pearls. They made me want to drop my bags and stay there forever amidst the sand and surf. And now I were my Tahitian black pearls like a badge of honor knowing that although I am a southern family woman, maybe I am a nomad at heart. Maybe I left something on those beautiful islands that I might one day need to retrieve. Well, I am planning another adventure there this Fall, so I think I have that covered. But I am dreaming of more black pearls since we have almost completely sold out of the ones I selected on my trip! Wow! (clearly I am not the only one suddenly in love with these gems!) Here are some great images I came across of Tahitian pearl stars… also know as famous people looking amazing in their gorgeous Tahitian pearls! <3

And, of course, here is my own Tahitian pearl star! Inspired by all of the men wearing pearls in French Polynesia, I brought my boys back their very first pearls. Here is my four year old, Jack ,with his first pearl!


India (and Jack!)

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