Show Us Your Pearls and Flip Flops

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Pearls and flip flops… what a combination!

Another great time to wear pearls? When you are ready to shed that winter coat and show off some skin in the spring and summer! Now, we are pretty conservative around here, so by showing off skin we mean… flip flops! Our amazing Pearl Girls friend, Shannon from Salt Lake City, shared her favorite “Pearls and Flip Flops” look…

Wear Pearls And Flip Flops

Shannon sent us this cute photo of her pearls and flip flops but was afraid to share it on Facebook because, “the pearls aren’t real”.

Don’t worry, Shannon, we don’t judge! (Disclaimer: We do have a fondness for real pearls just because we think all women deserve them! We also think if you get fake pearls, you should know they are fake (we aren’t fans of dishonesty, at all! ) I LOVE this photo and it reminds me of that wonderful time of year when we can emerge from our winter hibernation and enjoy a little sunshine!

Enjoy this beautiful Spring. And remember, Shannon, when you are ready for real pearls, we’ve got you covered! (And you are worth it!)


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