Repair Pearl and Jade Necklace

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I recently got this email from a customer interested in repairing her pearl and jade necklace. This is a very common question… “Can you do this…” More often than not, the answer is, “YES!” but keep the questions coming! And thank you for trusting us with your beautiful jewelry!!

Repair Pearl and Jade Necklace - The Pearl Girls

From A…..

Hi, I have a very nice pearl and jade necklace that needs to be repaired and possibly restrung. On one side the string has broken off from the clasp. Although there is only one strand, the clasp is for 2 strands. This is how I received it, I don’t know if it once had 2 strands or if it was always just one strand. The one strand that is there is very long—about 33″ right now. It is a very nice quality piece, the clasp is solid 14K white gold with genuine pearls and genuine diamonds. The pearls and jade beads on the strand are also genuine. I would like to be able to wear it, so I thought I would send some photos of it to you to see what you thought in terms of making it wearable again. Thank you very much.



What a beautiful necklace! And yes, with this type of clasp it was definitely once a double strand necklace and I believe you have enough length to make it a double strand again! The length will work out to be about a 16″ and 17″ necklace. It is possible that the previous owner broke the necklace and decided to do something different with it. The clasp is absolutely beautiful and I personally prefer to keep clasps that match their uses. I once had an overseas supplier who made double strand bracelets with triple strand clasps. I was horrified! Little oversights like that make a huge difference (now that we make everything in-house, we do not have to worry about those sorts of inconsistencies anymore!). I say keep the clasp and make it into a double strand necklace or we could change it to a double strand bracelet (which would also be beautiful) and create something new with the remaining beads and pearls.

Repair Pearl and Jade Necklace - The Pearl Girls - 5

If the 16″ and 17″ strands would be too short for you, we can get creative! We can add more pearls or beads to lengthen the strand for you. Also, it appears that this pearl and jade necklace is not knotted between each pearl and bead. By adding knots we will automatically add a small bit of length to the necklace. This will also protect the necklace from wear and tear and help you not to lose any beads if it breaks! This might add just enough to make this strand more wearable, too! Let’s chat on the phone about possibilities and it you want to get the necklace to us, we can also see a lot more just looking at it upclose. Click here to order a Jewelry Return Kit or simply mail the pearl and jade necklace directly to us at our Hawthorne St. address! Thanks so much for reaching out!! We look forward to repairing this necklace for you!!



Repair Pearl and Jade Necklace - The Pearl Girls - 6

Repair Pearl and Jade Necklace - The Pearl Girls - 4

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