Pearls Are the Best in Show

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The 2013 Shanghai International Jewelry Fair wrapped up yesterday and who were the belles of the show? Pearls, of course! According to an article in the China Daily, among the stunningly gorgeous 64 carat diamond necklace and Myamar rubies, subtle, gorgeous pearl necklaces were also very popular.

China, as a country, is the largest producer of pearls and they keep pushing the limits in the size and lustre of the pearls they culture. Couple that with the rising prestige of pearls and these gems are coming en vogue again. Although, I must say, were they ever out of vogue here in the Georgia? One trip to church Sunday morning and I have to say, no.

According to Qi Xiaoman, the female marketing director of her family’s pearl business, Zhejiang Angeperle Company, “In the past, young women used to think pearls belonged to the jewel boxes of their mother’s generation.” But, that is changing.

Li Ran, director of another pearl jewelry company, states, “The beauty of pearls is just like the Chinese national character, subtle and reserved. But after the gold rush, diamond fever and penchant for those colored stones like the ruby, sapphire and jade, the time for pearl is coming,”

I think the time for pearls is already here! Thank good ness I live in the South!


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