Pearl Farm in the Philippines

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Thursday morning I was in Manila boarding a plane to the island of Palawan. I had told my husband I would call him once I landed but once we were in sight of the dirt runway, I knew that cell reception would be a dream. What an adventure. From plane to bus to an hour boat ride, we finally arrived at our destination. A few meals of delicious sea food later, we met the staff of this South Sea pearl farm. It takes a team to culture pearls and this team was full of grafters, divers, biologists, patrols, office staff and more. It is amazing how much effort and energy goes into the creation of South Sea pearls. This certainly contributes to the high cost of these pearls! The farm was staffed with biologists who spend years breeding and growing the oysters before the pearl culturing process can even begin. They also have a specific formula of phytoplankton they feed the young oysters.

I am in Hong Kong now working hard on our next collection. All of the Pearl Girls out there are going to be thrilled as usual. We have some amazing pieces! I can’t wait to get back and fill ya’ll in on everything!


Update: Here is the video! See A Pearl Farm in The Philippines:

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