My Pearl Beliefs

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My pearl beliefs are strong. I believe in the power of pearls to connect us to the ones we love. I believe in the power of pearls to carry us through life’s amazingly wonderful events. I very much believe that every woman deserves a gorgeous strand of genuine pearls. But I love the confirmation that other women believe what I believe too. I hear it daily from many of our Pearl Girls but I cannot ear it enough. We all believe in the power of pearls. I especially like this excerpt from Mary Alice Monroe’s book, The Summer Girls.


She walked across the plush carpeting directly to her ornately carved, mahogany four-poster bed, where she saw three black velvet bags lying on the bedspread. Three necklaces for three granddaughters. “It’s high time I selected which necklace to give which girl.”Lucille crossed her arms over her ample breast. “I thought you said you was gonna let them pick out the one they like the best.”

“No, no, Lucille,” Marietta replied impatiently. “That wouldn’t do at all.” She paused, turning her head to meet Lucille’s gaze. “It’s said,” she said in the manner of a sage, “that pearls take on the essence of the person who wears them.” She nodded, as though adding emphasis to the declaration. She began walking again. “I’ve worn those pearl necklaces for decades. Why, each pearl is positively infused with my essence. Don’t you see,” she said as though it were obvious, “that by giving my granddaughters my pearls, I’m passing on a bit of myself to each of them?” The very idea of it still had the power of giving her pleasure. “I’ve been looking forward to this moment for years.”

On her blog, author Mary Alice goes on to say, “The practice of passing down pearls is still alive in the south, yet I believe it’s an act that resonates with women from all regions.  Pearls are a symbol of elegance and tradition that, when worn, serve as a constant reminder of tradition, love, and of course, when handed down, the essence of the woman who once wore them.   Isn’t the act of passing them to the next owner the true treasure?  Like Mamaw in the novel, I love my pearls, the feel of them around my neck, their creamy luster and the memories they invoke.  I, too, look forward to the day I hand down my treasured pearls to my girls –my daughters and granddaughters.  In this way, I will leave a bit of me with them, forever.”


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