Make A Three Strand Bracelet into a Necklace?

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Hi friend! More questions from y’all… this one Donna sent to us on Facebook:

Hey Pearl Girls,

I have a pearl bracelet that I would like made into a necklace is that possible and approx how much would it be? Thanks!

Hi Donna!

That is definitely possible. I imagine if this is a bracelet it is between 7″ and 8″ in length so making a single strand necklace the length would be between 21″ and 24″. No matter how long it is, the cost will be $3 per inch to reknot. So, let’s say the total length is 24″… that means the total labor would be 24 x 3 or $72. Since this is a 3 strand clasp, we will also have to put on a clasp that is meant for a single strand necklace or bracelet. If you have a clasp, we can add on one you have. If not, we have sterling silver clasps in oval or round for $20 or 14K gold clasps in round or oval for $65.

Thanks for reaching out and let me know if you need any more help! If you are ready, send the pearls directly to us or order a Jewelry Return Kit!




So, yes, we can make a three strand bracelet into a necklace! We can also make necklaces into bracelets, replace pearls in rings and pins, restring all jewelry and more! We have a bustling and highly rated repair department! Thanks for letting us breathe new life into your gorgeous gems! Read more here…

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