Llama Wears Pearls and Pajamas

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That Llama Wears Pearls!



Bless my two sweet boys! I may not have a daughter that I can dress up in pearls but my two boys have become quite adept at noticing pearls. In fact, my two year old gasped the other morning and exclaimed, “Mamma, where are your pearls?!” I was still in my pajamas!

Well leave it to these two pearl boys to notice the llama in one of our favorite bedtime stories wears pearls! Llama Llama Red Pajama is a lovely story by Anna Dewdney about a baby llama being put to bed by his mamma llama. We love the story and the boys just love that Mamma Llama wears pearls!



What a classy mamma that llama is putting her son to bed, doing dishes and talking on the phone in her pearls. And when baby llama yells for his mamma, she rushes up the stairs and gives him two kisses. We love that mamma llama and we love that she knows how to wear her pearls. Looking sharp llama, looking sharp!


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